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Funk 101

Class from March 23rd, 2020

A great intro to Baile Funk, Breaking down basic Funk movements.

Class Includes:

  • Pelvic movement technique

  • Full body rebola breakdown

  • Explanation of knees in Funk to drive bunda movements


Track: Braba – Luisa Sonza


Funk Rebola

Class from March 30th, 2020

Expanding your range of Funk body movement using rebola bunda on various levels.

Class Includes:

  • Rebola bunda movement at different levels

  • Moving / stepping while rebolando the bum

  • Floor with rebolda bunda 

  • Pelvis and “kikada” bum accent


Track: Combatchy – Anitta, Lexa & Luisa Sonza (feat. MC Rebecca)


Brega Funk Special

Class from April 6th, 2020

A class dedicated to the popular Brega Funk evolution style!

Class Includes:

  • Quick explanation of Funk evolution 

  • Basic Funk bunda drill

  • Quebrada lateral technique

  • Brega Funk basic breakdown – pelvic, hip and arms


Track: Bambolê – Camila Loures feat. MC WM


Quebra Tudo

Class from April 13th, 2020

Getting your “gingado” and “quebrado” on. Brazilian vibes with a dash of Queen Bey!

Class Includes:

  • Getting the Brazilian gingado (vibe)

  • Working on the quebrada in movements

  • Kikada bum accent moving drill

  • Bringing out your inner diva!


Track: Beyonce Partition (Remix) Funk


La Casa de Papel

Class from April 20th, 2020

Working on personality and swag in your Funk movement.

Class Includes:

  • Basic transitions to enrich freestyle

  • Body movement exercises

  • Putting your personality into the dance

Track: Funk Bella Ciao remix -  click here 


Bahia Funk Special

Class from April 27th, 2020

Swingueira, one of the most popular music genres from Bahia. 

  • Working on the basic steps of swingueira

  • Getting into the Funk / Swingueira fusion

  • Variation of hips movements and transitions


Track: Encaixa - Kevinho &  Leo Santana 


Hips Don't Lie

Class from May 4th, 2020

All about hips! Focus on the hips and connecting movements. 


Class Includes:

  • Understanding where the movements come from

  • Working on hip control 

  • Most popular hip movements in Funk

Track: Na frente do paredão by Dennis, Delano, Tainá Costa


Shake it out

Class from May 11th, 2020

all the secrets behind the “tremidinha” Funk step.

  • Introduction to “tremidinha” 

  • Variations and different ways to perform the step 

  • Understand the joint mobility of kness and hips (how, what and when use it)


Track: La Raba - Lincoln & Duas Medidas


Slow Tempo

Class from May 18th, 2020

Slowing down the rhythm “pra descer até o chão”, slow tempo allows us to explore more of the movements mobility fostering our sensuality.


Class Includes:

  • Slower beats “pra descer até o chão” 

  • Introducing a different slow tempo to explore new movements 

  • Foster your sensuality and confidence 

Track: Delano- Devagarinho 


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