We run courses in:

  • Samba Beginners (Lvl 1)

  • Samba Improvers (Lvl 2)

  • Samba Intermediate (Lvl 3)

  • Passista Intro (Lvl 4)

  • Performance Course - Samba Improvers

  • Performance Course - Samba Intermediate

8 week courses -  $140 

*Classes including course classes can be attended casually or with the use of a class pass. Performance courses can not be attended casually.

Casual Classes

All classes / courses (except performance courses) can be attended casually, you can pay via cash or card on attendance of the class.

 Single class -  $25

Class Passes

Class passes are valid for 12 months. Dance Passes can be used for any class including course classes.


If you purchase your class pass online, please be sure to collect from the instructor at your next class.

10 Class Pass


5 Class Pass


Terms & Conditions

  • Course payments are non refundable 

  • Course classes cannot be substituted when purchased as a full course package

  • All students take full responsibility for ensuring that they are physically and mentally fit for classes and must at all times take care of their own personal health and safety. 

  • If students are injured or unwell it is their responsibility to notify the instructor at the start of the class.


Sydney, Australia

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