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Samba Side / Afunda

Class from March 30th, 2020

Class Description:​

  • Hip exercise warm up

  • Samba side "crab" travel

  • Afunda basic breakdown

  • Diva "catwalk" strut

  • Combo

Combo track: Magalena by Mario Corona 'Fiesta Latina'


Riscada Hips / Caminho

Class from April 6th, 2020

​Class Description:

  • Samba basis and side travel fitness drill

  • Afunda contra tempo

  • 1,2,3 Caminho (Walk) with accent

  • Basic Riscada step with hips

  • Combo

Combo Track: Pagode Formado by Xande de Pilares


Forward travel / Lightness

Class from April 13th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Samba, side travel and riscada fitness drill

  • Technique for lightness in the front foot on the Samba basic

  • Samba forward travel

  • Contra peso with flick

  • Combo

Combo Track: Não Mete Essa by Grupo Revelaçao


Sambinha / Rotation

Class from April 20th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Technique for keeping legs looking closed on the Samba basic

  • "Sambinha" variation with hips

  • Arms exercise

  • Two preps for Samba basic entry

  • Combo

Combo Track: Samba Diferente by Bom Gosto (fest. Leo Santana)


Abunda / Hip Shimmy

Class from April 27th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Hip “shimmy shake” walk

  • Samba “ronde de jambe” (known as “S” or “Ballet”)

  • Samba fitness drill with 4 variations

  • “Carolane” caminho (walk)

  • Combo

Combo Track: Muita Firmeza by Batucada Brasileira


Rotation / Forward S / Hair 

Class from May 4th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Rio rotation technique drills 

  • Passista “cha cha cha” caminhada

  • Expanding on “S” forward 

  • Including hair in styling 

  • Combo

Combo Track: Ta Escrito by  Xande de Pilares 


Caminhadas / Grounding 

Class from May 18th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Samba grounding technique 

  • Caminha (walk) variations  

  • Tempo / contra tempo timing 

  • Adding “charme” to our dancing  

Combo Track: Não Tá Nem Ai - Fundo de Quintal 


Speed / Arms

Class from May 25th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Lifting feet and leg fitness exercise for speed

  • Slow fast speed drill 

  • Arm placement

  • Pagode combo 

Combo Track: Grupo Revelação - Nunca Mais (Ao Vivo) 


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