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Contra Peso / Pinta

Class from March 23rd, 2020

Class Description:

  • In depth training on the count 1 of the Samba basic and how to get more power in your hips

  • Break down of the contra peso step

  • Break down of the Pinta step

  • Combo

Combo Track: Caraca, Muleke! by Thiaguinho


Samba Miudinho

Class from March 30th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Samba miudinho complete breakdown

  • How to finish off your Samba basic before moving into a movement

  • Breakdown of Piza Vira step

  • Combo

Combo Track: Samba do Brasil by Evandro Reis


Afunda / Fast Preps

Class from April 6th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Slow to fast Samba basic training

  • Breakdown of the basic Afunda step

  • Breakdown of the up/cross step

  • Jump / prep sequence 

  • Combo

Combo Track: Elas Estão no Controle by Xande de Pilares


Samba Count 3 / Walks

Class from April 13th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Drills and breakdown of Samba count 3, how to stay in your hip and extend the movement

  • Samba variations: Samba no pè into Samba miudinho

  • 1/2/3 walk

  • Combo

Combo Track: It's Your Thing by The Isley Brothers & Studio Rio



Class from April 20th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Slow to fast Samba basic training

  • Breakdown of the Grapevine step

  • Breakdown of Push Turn step

  • Long musicality combo using movements in alternate ways and including the above classes steps

Combo Track: Sua Mãe Vai Me Amar by Turma do Pagode


Samba "Back it up"

Class from April 27th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Lifting Samba speed

  • Breaking down Samba variation we call "Back it up"

  • Breakdown of leg flick

  • Combo with above movements and a fast push turn prep.

Combo Track: Embolada Geral by Batucada Braziliera


Samba Side Travel

Class from May 4th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Samba basic counts 2 and 3 breakdown and improving movement

  • Samba side travel breakdown

  • Samba variations

  • Combo

Combo Track: Slow Samba by Daniel S. Carvalho

Floreio / Arm Flow

Class from May 11th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Understanding arm flow and getting rid of stiff movements

  • Breakdown of Floreio move

  • Breakdown of the ball change body roll moving backwards

  • Combo

Combo Track: Fui Pra Balada by Xande de Pilares


Ballet Step / Batucada

Class from May 18th, 2020

Class Description:

  • Ballet step breakdown 

  • Smooth transitions

  • How to hit beats

  • Samba batucada combo

Combo Track: Samba do Corão Batucada by Fernando Sanjines & Samba do Coração 

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